Our Products


Quality is our strength.

Since we grow wine, olives, vegetables and fruit, most dishes can be prepared using our own products.

In a special room we prepare every morning different varieties of pasta, like "Ravioli" filled with fresh cheese and herbs, Sardinian "Gnocchi" and "Tagliatelle" with fresh eggs. As a desert, our famous honey and almond sweets will be served.

A local speciality is "Zuppa Gallurese" a bread casserole scalloped with sheep cheese. A highlight is certainly the suckling pig roasted over an open fire as the classical Sardinian main dish. All our animals are raised appropriate to their species and are fed only with natural, unmodified products

Home made, air-dried ham and salami are other fancy sardinian foods offered to our guests.

The tasty red and white wines grown on our vineyards are pure and not adulterated .

We are very proud to serve you dishes, prepared almost exlusively from organic home made ingredients.